The technological response for tomorrow’s challenges

We manage your data, you manage your ESG issues.

Finance is changing; we help you meet these new challenges

Respond to your regulatory challenges

The obligations in terms of reporting and monitoring of ESG indicators require you to adapt your process for managing extra-financial data.

Manage your risks

It has become essential to take into account the main extra-financial risks to maintain your investments’ profitability as part of your active management.

Seize opportunities

Environmental and social issues are an excellent investment opportunity. Our application will therefore allow you to improve your performance.

Our solutions

 ESG Platform

All your ESG management in a single interface. SaaS or white label solution depending on your IT infrastructure and your needs.

  Data Hub Platform

Centralize internal and external data to make it available to all of your teams (front to back and compliance chain)

They trust us…

Connect to your data providers!

We connect to all of your data providers and your internal research to bring together all of your data in a single application.

ESG Article

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

March 10, 2021, is the day the SFDR regulation went into effect. Need a refresher on your new obligations and the regu²latory framework? It happens here with our partnership AFR : Acteurs de la Finance Responsable  Sarah Labbé has prepared a summary article...

European Regulation: AMF Policy & the SFDR

The rapid acceleration in climate change, the chain of social crises, the accelerated erosion of biodiversity, and the latest health crisis have triggered a new frenzy of financial regulation. This time, the focus has been on environmental, social, and governance...

Find out how the Scaled Risk platform simplifies data integration, automates the processing, and makes everything visible to your businesses.

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