Data Hub Platform

Scaled Risk DataHub, the missing piece for fast and successful data projects. 


Scaled Risk DataHub is a platform that manages the most complex financial use cases. Thanks to its strong computing capacity and its integrated time machine, it reduces the costs and duration of your data projects 3 times.


Scaled Risk DataHub, technical innovations for your business projects

Low code

Integrate your data and automate your pipelines with our preparation tool customized based on your needs.

Search engine

Exploring your data has never been easier thanks to our integrated search engine. Consult the data life cycle in a few clicks.

api rest

Connect easily to all your data sources, your business software, or your development frameworks thanks to our flexible and scalable architecture.

versioning & time machine

Record all actions performed on your data and view its value on any date.

multi integration

On-site, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS or CaaS, we have made Scaled Risk deployable on any type of infrastructure in order to minimize the operational impact.

data viSualisation

Gain flexibility with our intuitive and automatically updated dashboarding platform. Create your analyzes in a few clicks.

Integration and reconciliation

Scaled Risk DataHub allows you to integrate, store, and reconcile your data in a secure and perfectly auditable way.

Industrialize your data pipelines

Scaled Risk DataHub integrates a low-code and configurable ETL that allows you to automate your data preparation.

Bring your data projects to life

Scaled Risk DataHub is a comprehensive data management platform that goes from integration to visualization. We know that data is everyone’s story, which is why we have integrated a simple and intuitive dashboarding tool.

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