From managing raw ESG data.

To complying with regulations.

How it works?

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Time & Effort saved by using our technology


automated manual tasks

Scaled Risk ESG Platform significantly decreases the time and effort required to collect your data sources and compute your ESG indicators, allowing more time to focus on strategic operations.

Centralized ESG data management to create strategic impact

  1. Easy Data Collection
  2. Automated Indicator Calculations
  3. Advanced Analytics & Benchmarks
  4. Effective Sustainable Action

Expert guidance to redirect financial flows to sustainable activities

Respond to all the demands of stakeholders and comply with different standards such as SFDR, PAI, Taxonomy, Article 6,8,9.


Discover how our Scaled Risk ESG platform allows our clients to respond to the challenges related to the European regulation

Scaled Risk is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Link of the European Commission, here.