Connect your tools to your necessities 

A multitude of microservices

The architecture of Scaled Risk is open. Our philosophy is to maximize connections to decrease the operational impact.

We offer more than 150 micro-services: ODBC, Spark, BDD connectors … We support you in your projects while reducing the impact on your legacy.

Connect your Data-scientists

We provide teams of data scientists with a Python SDK to enable them to interact with data quality.

Create your models from your IDE and drive them directly from the Scaled Risk interfaces. It allows you to reduce the lead times of your projects and offer you the possibility of optimizing your model management activity.

Export your data to your favorite tools

In finance, more than elsewhere, we know that nothing will ever replace an Excel table for rapid analysis projects.

This is why we allow you to export your data, your reconciliations, and your dashboards directly to Excel via our ODBC connector.

A maximum of connection to minimize the operational impact and reduce the time of your projects

+150 micro-services

Connecters Spark / Python

Connecter standards (Providers, ODBC)