ESG Platform

Your ESG data management in a single application

SaaS or white label solution depending on your IT infrastructure and your needs.

Our complete solution for managing extra-financial data

The connection between your different data providers and your internal research

The provision of a documentary base bringing together the ESG work of your teams


Reconciliation of extra-financial data from different sources

Data quality through the deployment of business rules

The use of modeling and simulation modules on your portfolios

The production of dashboards and reports to simplify internal and external collaboration

Who is our ESG solution for?


ESG Analysts

Risk Manager


Compliance Officer

Data Manager

Integration and reconciliation

Our technology makes it possible to interface all types of sources: data providers, financial, extra-financial, or research data from market software packages or proprietary solutions. ESG platform enables intelligent reconciliation of these sources for intuitive and immediate use.

Dashboard and Reporting

Choose from our personalized dashboards, modify them or create your own analytics in a few clicks. Benefit from the advice of our team of experts to build the most relevant analyzes.

Modeling and Simulation 

Test, simulate, model, and back-test! Thanks to our back-testing engine and our Python SDK, empower your research and risk teams to create internal models and use them in production with just a few clicks.

A technological response to business challenges:



API Rest & SDK Python



Time Machine

Export CSV, PDF

Want to know more about our ESG Platform?

Our unique platform natively integrates dashboards, reports, and calculation modules that allow simulations and backtesting.