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Close the gap in your ESG Challenges


We facilitate connectivity through our partnerships with data providers.


Identify the gap to reach your ESG goals

Thanks to our partnership with several data providers, our ESG platform brings together the data needed for the different ESG frameworks (SFDR, TCFD, EU Taxonomy, and many more). Helping you identify the ESG data you need to fill your gaps.


Connect ESG data with the provider of your choice

Our dynamic ESG platform connects and collects the data from the third-party provider of your choice most efficiently—the simplest method to store comparable ESG data at scale on publicly listed companies and SMEs globally. Historize your ESG data and keep track of their performances.


Easy data management

The convenience of the ESG platform makes handling ESG data easier for everyone: aggregate and match data of your portfolios and universe with the provider. Monitor the coverage of the data collected and get automated gap-filling. You’ll gain knowledge and compare your ESG indicators to industry peers along the process.


Making a positive impact through investments

ESG platform provides a user-friendly tool to customize your client & regulatory reporting. Allowing you to assist them in promoting their sustainability practices quickly. Generate as much reporting as you wish and reduce this time-consuming task by a few clicks – export your reports to collaborate easily with your organization and investors. Compare your asset performance for the multi-criteria benchmark.


Easy data import & connectivity

Leverage from a simplified ESG data gathering process and clear ESG reporting guidelines.

Pre-configured business and regulatory reporting

Create your reporting framework or integrate custom indicators in your reports.

Traceability & audit trail

Monitor your ESG performance at the fund and portfolio business level.

Fully compliant solution

Align your ESG practices with the latest ESG standards

Asset managers who use Scaled Risk ESG

HMG Finance

ESG analyses and SFDR reports:

HMG had an internal ESG analysis model, but was faced with too little coverage of small issuers to be able to integrate E and S criteria simultaneously in addition to G.

ESG Insights

MIFID II: Taking clients’ sustainability preferences into account

In a few months’ time, changes to the MiFID II regulation will come into force, requiring all financial institutions to ensure that the investments they offer to their clients are in line with their expectations in terms of sustainable development.

The Strategic Value of ESG Data

ESG is a topic that has been on our feed page for a while and is likely to be strained for future generations. Today, investors are increasingly interested in sustainability topics, demand transparency from companies, and can no longer disregard ESG data. Why? Well,...

The green Taxonomy: Nuclear energy and natural gas – Transitional activities?

Eligible activities under the European taxonomy – what’s new? The draft text of a Commission Delegated Regulated published on 31 December 2021 proposes including certain natural gas and nuclear activities as “sustainable” investments. More specifically, natural gas...

Draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)

News on sustainable finance regulation! The European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, EIOPA, and ESMA - ESAs) published on October 22, 2021, the draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) on the information that financial institutions must provide under the SFDR...

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

March 10, 2021, is the day the SFDR regulation went into effect. Need a refresher on your new obligations and the regu²latory framework? It happens here with our partnership AFR : Acteurs de la Finance Responsable  Sarah Labbé has prepared a summary article...

European Regulation: AMF Policy & the SFDR

The rapid acceleration in climate change, the chain of social crises, the accelerated erosion of biodiversity, and the latest health crisis have triggered a new frenzy of financial regulation. This time, the focus has been on environmental, social, and governance...

ESG Data Connectivity

  • Connect your financial and extra-financial data from the source of your choice (data providers, internal, etc.)
  • Automate your data collection using APIs & SFTP
  • Historize your data and keep track of them using the time-machine feature

ESG Data Aggregation

  • Reconcile your ESG Data with your portfolio and/or universe
  • Monitor the coverage of the data collected and get automated gap-filling
  • Get alerts for any data gaps or anomalies
  • Enforce match to increase data coverage

ESG Dashboards & Reporting

  • Centralize your ESG strategy in custom made dashboards
  • Pre-configured dashboards available and ready for use (on an organization, portfolio, or sector level)
  • Compare your asset performance for multi-criteria benchmark
  • Generate your periodic reporting to comply with regulations (ISR, SFDR, Taxonomy, etc.)
  • • Export your dashboards & reports to collaborate easily with your organization and investors

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