ESG Platform

Accelerate and make your ESG strategy more reliable with the ESG Platform. 

ESG Platform responds in a simple and complete way to the needs of your business. Our “Data-centric” approach lays a solid foundation that integrates your data and those subscribed to from market suppliers. Our unique platform natively integrates dashboards, reports, and calculation modules that allow simulations and backtesting.

Integration and reconciliation

Our technology makes it possible to interface any source: data providers, financial, extra-financial, or research data from market software packages or proprietary solutions. ESG platform enables the reconciliation of these sources for intuitive and immediate use.

Dashboard and Reporting

Choose from our personalized dashboards, modify them, or create your own analytics in just a few clicks. Benefit from the advice of our team of experts to build the most relevant analyzes based on your needs.

Modelisation and Simulation 

Test, simulate, model, and back-test! Thanks to our back-testing engine and our Python SDK, empower your research and risk teams to create internal models and make use of them with just a few clicks.

Necessary features for the success of your ESG projects.


A single tool to cover your entire processing chain: acquisition, storage, transformation, calculation, and visualization. At the center, our transformation engine is intuitive thanks to its user interface and powerful thanks to its Low Code approach.

search engine & data lineage

Our search engine provides easy access to information and knows how this information was calculated and which Golden Copies were used.


Data scientists and research teams can interact directly with your data projects through our Spark connector.

A solution suitable for your teams

ESG Analyst

ESG Platform automates the processing and reconciliation of your ESG data so that you can focus on your real mission: creating diversified analyzes to accelerate your strategy and make it more relevant to your business needs.

Data Scientist

Whether creating quantitative or predicting models, data scientists occupy an important place in ESG projects. Our ESG Platform integrates a Python SDK allowing analysts to access data qualities and control your organization. This tool facilitates the transition to better business models.


From a manager’s point of view, ESG analysis is also part of a risk management context. It is therefore necessary to permanently maintain a global view of the portfolio: profitability, risk and ESG. Our pre-configured dashboards meet this need and effectively support the development of your strategies. The ESG Platform facilitates collaboration between the teams and provides the Manager easier ways to optimize his portfolio.

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