Technical capacity of Scaled Risk


Unlike a traditional database, the modification of data gives rise to a new time-stamped version, without altering the previous versions. It is thus possible to restore the history of modifications according to this technical time axis.


In addition to the technical time axis which orders the modifications of each data, the simple declaration of a business date makes it possible to restore a natural life cycle of the data and to create a coherent global view even if the sources are out of sync.

Data Model

With our flexible, editable, versioned data model, get the power of a data model without paying the price for its rigidity.

Data Acquisition

Generate a connector by data discovery or by the declaration of the model, then use it in exploring or by reading files. Perform a history recovery in a few clicks, our platform takes care of the deduplication and cleaning.

Data Preparation

Once the platform is supplied with data, it is possible to transform them, reconcile them, and even add a calculation. The platform guarantees that the result will always be available and always up to date as new data arrives at the platform.

Search Engine

An automatic search engine that allows you to search your data without even knowing their structure. If you are more comfortable with traditional approaches, an ODBC connector is at your disposal. All modes benefit from bi-temporality, including ODBC (SQL 2011).


Data Lineage

The platform restores at any time all the elements which made it possible to produce information:

  • calculations
  • data, including their exact version


The platform allows full auditability of the data and services requested. All modifications and exchanges with the platform are kept.

API, integration and security

The platform is designed for business type integration and web type use. We provide:

  • a micro-services REST API
  • a Spark connector
  • an ODBC connector

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