Integrate and connect your data in a simple way

Multi-formats integration.

The integration of data in Scaled Risk has been designed to simplify your analysis. We offer users the ability to integrate their files, regardless of their formats, manually.


XLS, CSV, JSON, we integrate your data “as is” without any prior transformation effort for simple and intuitive use.

Model Discovery & IA

The platform includes a data discovery module when importing or connecting to a new data source.

To optimize collaboration between businesses, we have integrated a Python SDK and a Model Management module to facilitate the transition of your business models.

Multi-providers connection

We offer many connectors allowing you to feed your databases, Data Warehouse, or directly to your data providers.

To be able to create and industrialize data pipelines, we offer a set of connectors to accelerate your “time-to-market” of your projects.

Integrate your data in a few moments and start creating your analyzes!