Product overview

The first integrated data platform dedicated to the financial sector

Connect, integrate.


With Scaled Risk, connecting any type of data source, integrating and qualifying internal and external data has never been easier. You get the power of a data model without paying the price for its rigidity.

Store, historize.


Scaled Risk is an end-to-end platform that integrates powerful storage. This is based on the data’s temporal organization, which allows more performance, more visibility, and consistency. The data lifecycle becomes natural for businesses; a complete audit trail is always available. You can easily navigate in the logs thanks to the time machine feature.



A well-managed data project starts with an efficient preparation of the data in order to ensure control of their quality! Our integrated real-time transformation engine allows you to easily define reconciliations from the software’s graphical interface. What you create with the mouse or using a “Low Code” type language is stored in views that are always up to date.

Connect, predict.


Your data scientists and data engineers have direct access to the platform: a Spark connector integrating a Python SDK. Thus, they can work on data put in quality and mastered by the company. In addition, our data-science module simplifies the transition of their projects!

Search, visualize.


We allow you to dynamically access data without special technical skills and search for your information thanks to our intuitive search engine. Our tool remains fully interoperable with your Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions.

Let your team innovate!

All the necessary features in one integrated platform


A single tool to cover the entire processing chain: acquisition, storage, transformation, calculation, and visualization. At the center, our intuitive transformation engine, thanks to its user interface and its Low Code approach.

Search engine & data lineage

An intuitive search engine that allows easy access to information and knows how this information was calculated and which Golden Copies were used.


Data scientists and research teams can interact directly with data through our Spark connector, facilitating data preparation.



Time saved for data quality


Time saved for the creation of use case


Data exploitation by business teams