Automate and industrialize your data preparation

Reconcile your data with a click or in a personalized way.

Scaled Risk integrates a powerful and configurable ETL into its platforms that allows you to automate the quality of your data pipelines.

The flexibility of our ETL allows us to meet both technical and business data reconciliation needs.

Automate your data preparation chains

By automating reconciliation and data quality, we allow operations teams to save time on their projects.

In the financial industry, it is estimated that an analyst spends more than 70% of his time on the quality of the data necessary for projects. With Scaled Risk, we give the user the possibility of integrating quality rules to automate this time-consuming process.

Integrate your business rules

We give you the possibility of integrating your business rules (thresholds, alerts, notifications, calculations) directly into our ETL.

In Integrate as many rules as you want and create personalized applications for business teams.

A highly configurable ETL to allow you to industrialize your projects quickly.

Automated preparation


Improved data quality

Integrated business rules