Self-Analytics Platform

Self-Analytics Platform, data available, up to date, traceable, and usable by your businesses.

Scaled Risk Self-analytics platform gives a hand to your operational teams by allowing them to manage their data thanks to tailor-made, dynamic dashboards, to configure alerts and to generate reports and perform extracts on demand.


Connect any data from data-preparation tools, software packages, or even proprietary solutions. The flexibility of the Self Analytics Platform allows you to easily enrich your sources and update your dashboards in a few clicks.


Choose from our personalized dashboards, modify them, or create your own Analytics in a few clicks. Benefit from the advice of our team of experts to create the most relevant analyzes.



Analyzing is good; sharing and making the data talk is even better! Our Self Analytics Platform allows you to annotate your dashboards and export them to PDF, which promotes collaboration between businesses.

Scaled Risk Self-Analytics Platform: the best technology for data visualization

ODBC connector

Our Self Analytics platform is open to the SQL world and allows you to connect your tools.

Bi-temporal visualization

The storage tool tracks the changes and restores the life cycle of each file. It creates business time consistency between desynchronized sources. Finally, our “time-machine” feature allows you to navigate intuitively in time.


The platform produces complete and non-erasable audit trails (excluding GDPR) and restores audit evidence without backup, for actions performed on the Self Analytics Platform.

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