ESG is a topic that has been on our feed page for a while and is likely to be strained for future generations. Today, investors are increasingly interested in sustainability topics, demand transparency from companies, and can no longer disregard ESG data.


Well, for many reasons. Implementing an ESG policy for investment management firms:

· Attracts more investors

· Allows them to be prepared for the upcoming regulations

· Helps them gain a competitive advantage

· Prevents them from falling into the “greenwashing” trap

· Attracts sustainable talents

All the above reasons would not be possible without data. Automating ESG data is necessary for businesses to perform metrics, ratings, and reporting based on the regulations. As a result, the market for data providers has emerged, offering reliable ESG data. Today, Scaled Risk has joined forces with more than eight data providers to assist asset managers and investors in expanding their ESG strategy.

But is it easy to handle all these data?

Investment managers attempting to integrate ESG data have faced several challenges such as data quality, the difficulty of tracking the data, and the regulatory pressure for ESG reporting.

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