Create your business applications with Scaled Risk solutions

Discover the use cases identified by our platforms

Scaled Risk provides your organization and your business teams with an all in one platform, from raw data to visualization, which allows you to centralize your flows and automate them to build your applications in a few weeks.

Business Analytics

Self Analytics Platform

• Connection to your data sources
• Search engine & Time machine
• Access rights management
• Automation of imports and calculations
• Creation of automated analytical services

ALM Management 

Self Analytics Platform 

• Connection to Dow Jones index
• Relationship entry form builder
• Risk alerts
• Real-time management dashboards

Product repository & transparency

DataHub Platform

• Integration of heterogeneous data (TPT matrix, positions …)
• Automation of data quality
• Calculation of ratios
• Optimization of the transparency process
• Monitoring dashboard
• Solvency II reporting