Give life to your data

Create your dashboards in a few clicks

We have integrated a simple and intuitive dashboard editor because we believe that a data project makes sense with visualization.

Create your own dashboards in a few moments and benefit from more than 20 widgets designed for financial data.

Business features to bring your dashboards to life

Simulation, data-lineage, we have equipped our dashboards with tools to facilitate your business analyzes.

Create your simulation portfolios directly from the dashboards interface, obtain the details of your calculations in one click, and export the source tables of a dashboard directly in CSV / XLS format.

Share your analyzes and collaborate

Export your dashboards in PDF and send them to your team members. Creating internal reporting has never been easier.

Scaled Risk is not the right tool for your visualization? We allow you to connect your dashboards directly to your traditional BI tools via our ODBC connector.

A “google-like” search engine easy access to your data.


We provide users with a powerful search engine to allow you to access your data.

Do you need information on an issuer or a contact? Use the Search tool to scan all data tables and extract information from each one.

Simple and connectable visualization tools to bring your data to life

Data always up-to-date

Stronger collaboration

Customizable dashboards